Here’s an idea, Shut the Fuck Up!

by iGanja 4. May 2006 02:52

As if the U.S. didn’t have enough problems, with North Korea and Iran possibly developing nuclear weapons, the ongoing terrorist hailstorm in the Middle East, the future bird flu pandemic, the illegal immigration issues here at home, do we really need to go looking for another bees nest to stir up right now?  Can someone just put a fucking muzzle on our pea brained vice president before he starts another cold war?


Russian Officials Angered Over Vice President Cheney's Remarks


cheney1.jpgI have no problem acknowledging that Russia has its problems both internally and beyond its borders.  I can also can acknowledge that they too tend to apply pressure to those states that are not playing ball the way they’d like, but for the U.S. to even mention in passing that Russia is somehow overstepping ethical boundaries by using its natural resources to gain advantage or that they are unfairly restricting the rights of its citizens is just plain fucking hypocritical.


It is this holier than thou mentality constantly displayed by our government pinheads that continues to get us in hot water with the rest of the world, and continues to fuel those with less than honorable motives with plenty of material to justify their own self serving agendas.  Russia could absolutely be an exceptional ally of ours if only we would stop insulting them and pissing them off.  We are not the mother, father or big brother of all the world’s nations.  The fact is we need Russia on our side, if we are to check this jihad by the less fortunate, IQ challenged, religious zealots intent on destroying this planet in the name of Allah.


If we want the rest of the world on our side, or the very least stop telling us how to go about our business, we need to keep our noses out of theirs.

oh, i ganja


Shut The Fuck Up!

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michela United States
5/4/2006 6:09:08 AM #

This is the absolute truth. I don't see how we keep going around the world pointing our fingers at other countries while we have all these unresolved problems. And btw, that is an AbFab shot of the VeePeabrain.

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