Shut the fuck up!

by iGanja 15. November 2006 03:58

As in, no way! Are you serious? You really expect me to believe that shit?  How dumb do you think football fans are?  Okay, okay, judging from the stands at a Raiders or Redskins game, pretty damn dumb, but seriously, one would have to be well down into the 2-digit IQ range to fall for this spin.  Monday night viewership hits new low

ESPN spokesman Josh Krulewitz noted that “the game had the 11th-biggest audience for a cable program this year. The other 10 are all Monday Night Football games.”  Wait a fucking minute!  How many Monday night football games have there been this year?  I count 9! Where the fuck are you getting your numbers?

ESPN has, for all intents and purposes, fucked up Monday Night Football worse than can ever have been imagined, and now they say, that even though the last two games have produced the two lowest ratings in MNF history, “Monday Night Football is exceeding our expectations.  And we're looking forward to an exciting stretch run."  WTFO?  ESPN wants us to believe that they expected viewer numbers to decrease after taking over Monday Night Football? Huh? Your what smells? Baking powder?

Michele Tafoya and Suzy Kolber are the only two personalities they have going for them (curiously, the only two still left from the ABC crew of old.)  Mike Trico (thankfully the play-by-play guy,) is the only one in the booth I can stand.  Joe Theismann is, and always has been, a total tool.  Someone should tell him that fake tan has worn-out weatherman written all over it!  And lastly, I can’t even begin to come up with enough derogative adjectives to describe how forgettable this Tony Korn(hole)heiser is!  What the fuck was/is ESPN thinking kornheiser.jpgputting this grade school dodge ball reject, with a face for TONY_23.jpgradio, on TV?  Let alone on the biggest weekly sports stage of them all?  From "Kornheiser is one of ESPN's most popular on-air personalities as co-host of the wildly popular Pardon The Interruption."  oh my fucking god!  Someone at ESPN is smoking some really good shit, and what makes me even madder is that I can't get a hit off it!

Just look at this imbecile!

I (along with everyone else, I’d bet,) will give you (ESPN) one year to tweak this mess you have created, but you better do something fast, otherwise Monday Night Football is going to get beat out by Dancing with the Stars!  Oh Emmitt, you really have sold your soul.  I just turn the sound off now…

Oh I ganja!


Shut The Fuck Up!

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