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by iGanja 10. December 2008 04:31

So, I found myself on recently and persuaded by something there to write a review on a D-Link DIR-655 Wireless Router I had purchased a few months back. I happened to be very pleased with the product and planned on giving it 5 stars, but I noticed – although 4 and 5 stars heavily outweighed the others – quite a few 1 star reviews so I wanted to see what the others were saying. After reading review after review by unsatisfied customers complaining about technical support offered by the company, and a few legitimate beefs with the product, I wrote my review:

dlink 655.jpgI can't help but laugh every time I read a review of a tech product by someone who has no business trying to do what they are trying to do. This is, for all intents and purposes, a router! with all of the big boy features that a router should have, BUT yes, in a consumer product, and Amazon will and does sell it to anyone with the cashe to purchase it. Unfortunately there is no aptitude test to keep most of you from buying it. So, "caveat emptor" but NOT because this is a bad - or even potentially bad - product, but because it does a lot of stuff that the average joe blow computer user hasn't a clue how to use or why.

I cannot comment on the DLink customer support, but can only imagine it is probably as bad as all the complainers have said, maybe worse. Again, you are talking about a piece of technology that companies offer full blown college courses and credentials to learn how to configure properly, and trying to explain these concepts over the phone to an obliviate can be somewhat taxing if not impossible. And yes, I can see where a support person would just eventually get fed up with you.

In DLink's defense, they have tried - best they can - to develop a "plug and play" solution to get this configured for you. But here is the bottom line for those who have written something like "it works with Vista!" or some other such moronic thing. A router doth not care what operating system you have, and you doth not need to install ANYTHING on your computer to make this thing work! It's a router! It simply routes packets from point a to point b. If your computer isn't configured properly, you may have problems, but don't blame the router. It's more than likely doing EXACTLY what you told it to do!

That said - [stepping down off the milk crate] - I bought this router because I was thoroughly pissed off at Linksys/Cisco for making a competing product that truly does NOT work, but that is a different story. Once I got this router, I have NEVER had a bad thing to say about it. I run anywhere from 4 to 7 computers through it, both wired and wireless, running Vista 32 and 64, XP, Windows 2003 server, Linux, open BSD and yes, even a flippin' Mac on rare occasions when I really need a hair-cut and simply don't have the time, so I figure I’ll just pull my hair out one strand at a time for a few hours while struggling to find the right mouse button.

Anyway, this thing is rock solid, has great wireless range, and is easy to configure (when you know what you are doing, or at least have some technical aptitude.) I won’t say you must be a tech geek, but SOME aptitude will greatly help you during your travels through wireless security options, port forwarding, and firewall settings. This or any other product like it, simply isn’t made to be “plug and play” those that have given this anything less that 4 stars either got a bad one – not out of the realm of possibility – or simply have no business trying to do this themselves. This is a prefect opportunity to hire the geek squad if you don’t know what you are doing, but don’t blame the product if you have trouble. In the immortal words from the movie, Mr. Mom, “You’re doing it wrong.”


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Brian United States
12/11/2008 4:51:44 AM #

Also in the immortal words of Ms. Hermione Granger...

"You're doing it wrong."

Its levi-oooo-sa not levi-o-saa

Larry Adams United States
12/30/2008 4:52:16 AM #

I too have this unit. A few things I can say after having one for almost a year and a half is that:

1) It never locks up or crashes (big plus from earlier units from other vendors)
2) Some of the advanced features do not work as advertised over the long haul. Here are a few examples:
a) DHCP still assigns IP Addresses to MAC's that should have be excluded using MAC filtering with a default deny policy.
b) IP port forwarding works as expected. But setup a port forwarding policy and go back to the UI 2 days later and although the rule is still in place as you expect it, the UI does not show the rule correctly.

Otherwise, I give it a 9.


iGanja United States
1/7/2009 5:10:08 AM #

thank you for your input,

a) I did, in fact, experience similar behaviors with MAC filtering, but since i don't use DHCP, it wasn't a big issue.

b) I do use port forwarding via the virtual server settings, for a single port and port forwarding, for a range, but i can't say i have experienced similar issues. Everything appears to be correct, even days or weeks later.

You Suck
2/16/2009 5:04:04 AM #

You are fucking lame man, go apologize to that dude you chewed out because you can't take a joke

PJC United States
5/2/2009 5:05:28 AM #

You embarrassed yourself far more telling us you can not right click with a mac than any embarrassment you think you did to some anonymous person with an issue in the complex world of networking.

I will often use you as an example and mention your name.


iGanja United States
5/8/2009 5:06:18 AM #

To You Suck, I thought better than respond simply because I'm not sure you can even add two-digit numbers together without taking your shoes off. But, um, dude, I was chewing out an entire community of morons, not just one "dude", but hey, if you speak for all morons, consider yourself masticated.

To PJC, oh my! perpetual notoriety! cool! Come back often, I've got lots of embarrassing stuff to throw your way. But in all seriousness, what is truly embarrassing is chastising someone for something they wrote when it is clear you can't fucking read!

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