Kudos to Bolivia!

by iGanja 26. September 2008 06:29

I don’t pretend to understand all the “legal” issues involved with the “agreements” between the U.S. and the South American countries where drug production is a major industry. Still, after reading a recent story reporting that our self-righteous, right-wing, pin-head of a President is “moving to suspend longtime U.S. trade benefits for Bolivia…,” I can’t help but say “Way to go, Bolivia!”

What I infered from the article is that the U.S. pressures, to the point of coercion, most South American counties to extend its “War on Drugs” within their borders. What the article doesn’t mention is how much it actually costs these countries to live up to this “agreement.”

The article does state that Bolivia has a whopping $362.6 million in duty free exports to the U.S. ($66 million of that is oil which should be duty free anyway.) My god, if Bolivia spends less than that living up to its agreement to “cooperate in drug-fighting efforts” I would be surprised.

So kudos to Bolivia for telling the U.S. – "Spending more money, fighting a hopeless war, than we save in export taxes to your pompous country just isn’t worth it."

Seriously, it's time the U.S. mind its own business. The only way to stop the flow of drugs into this country is to stop the demand, not the supply. As long as there is demand, [someone] will be there to supply that demand – A very simple concept the DEA and our federal government can't seem to grasp. So we [U.S.] will continue this war on drugs to keep all these DEA people employed rather than reassign them to programs with goals that might actually be attainable.

No, you’re not hearing things; that is the sound of a toilet flushing…

Oh, I ganja!



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