On Props 1A thru 1F

by iGanja 19. May 2009 04:38

Okay, just a quick note here on, um, special election day - a day where nobody is running for office, yet we are asked to go to the polls and basically stab ourselves in the neck. 

Propositions 1A thru 1F are Sacramento's answer to our state's financial shortfalls. Cleverly worded initiatives designed solely to get us to vote yes without really disclosing what a yes vote will mean, as tons of legislation has already passed in the state legislature that will go into effect if these propositions pass. None of this is spelled out in the text of the propositions. Of course, this is my advice to everyone:

noon1a.pngForce the politicians to FIX the system; don’t let them RAPE the tax-payers yet again. I am so angered by the fact that our government has tied it's hands for so many years that the ONLY discretionary funds left are those for essential services like public safety and education, but that is what you get when you continue to vote for earmarked bond initiatives. Eventually you have NO MONEY for anything else.

It is time to tell Sacramento we will not bail you out any longer. I empathize with the teachers and other public sector employees that may be destined to lose their jobs, but thousands of private sector people have lost their jobs already. We all need to share in the pain and stand in solidarity AGAINST this spend, spend, spend and tax, tax, tax mentality. All these bail-outs do is encourage politicians to continue with business as usual. We have the power to make it STOP!

The only viable fix to this is to FORCE government to hold education and public safety funds sacred over all other earmarked non-essential programs. That way they can NEVER again use these scare tactics to manipulate the voters into agreeing to more taxes. The fact is, there ARE alternatives to cutting public safety, healthcare and education, but the politicians will have you believe there is no other way, and will put teachers and nurses and firefighters, et al. on the chopping blocks to further their agendas.

Send a harsh word to Sacramento that they cannot hold teachers and public safety hostage!

VOTE NO on ALL bail-out propositions! Tell the politicians, NO MAS!!!


We ganja!


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