All I have to say on Illegal Immigration

by iGanja 24. April 2010 04:45

Love the picture provided by our beloved AP... No one is saying you aren't human dirtbag, of course if YOUR country had provided you an education, you might see that your status as a human is not the issue. What is at issue is the unbelievable pride those fleeing an oppressive, corrupt and lawless country have for where they came from...

Edgar Rios, Marcos Gonzalez.jpg"Immigrants have built this country," we all have heard this shouted at the tops of lungs by those denouncing our struggle to continue to provide for our own when it has become nearly impossible as is evident by California et al going broke trying to support the endless social welfare necessary for an ever increasing entitlement mentality by an ever increasing population of people who have nothing to offer but want. YES! Immigrants BUILT this country, the operative word being BUILD!

Polish, German, Italian, Irish, Russian, Japanese, and many many others, all came here for the promise of opportunity and to produce and build America, NOT simply consume and be a drain! Notice, not a single classroom in America where we teach our kids in German or any other previous immigrant language = drain; not a single standard government document printed in Italian = drain; no pressing #3 for Polish = drain; All these past immigrants came to America to become Americans not to be Russians living in America, or Irish living in America, but AMERICANS.

So, as you who are sympathetic to the current Hispanic immigration might say, America is prejudice toward Hispanics - total an complete utter bull! America has done nothing but welcome immigrants from the south, but at some point, even America cannot provide for a constant flow of want and demand (and blind patriotism for the country they fled) across our border.

The MOMENT Mexican - and all other - refugees from Hispanic countries embrace the country they now call home; learn the language of their benefactors like ALL other immigrants before them, adopt the culture, and truly become Americans in their hearts, only then will they understand our anger over the current invasion.

Yes, America is a melting pot! It is NOT a place for foreigners to call home and demand we accept them as side dishes with separate and accomodating rights.


Shut The Fuck Up!

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