What is wrong with our Country - Part 1 of many

by iGanja 1. October 2020 01:32

My beautiful, better half made the most amazing observation this morning. She said, the reason we never seem to have anyone worth voting for, is that the truly great leaders in our country don't want the abuse that will be heaped upon them by the media. The constant barrage of insults and castigations by our first amendment entitled resident terrorist hatemongers is more than most sane intelligent people would volunteer for. So, what do we get?

Narcissistic blowhards who really enjoy the public spotlight no matter what the media or anyone else says about them, and literally relish the idea of acting in outrageous ways to develop buzz. Sound like any Trump you know? Do you want this kind of person as the President of your country?

Egomaniacs who are only interested in their own self-serving power position, and really could not care less what anyone says about them. Again, sound like any Hillary you know? You want this person as your President?

Mental incompetents who are nearly oblivious to the rhetoric around them, seemingly able to let the corrosive water run off their proverbial backs only because they have no idea they are actually being shot at? Sound like any Bush or Biden you know? You want this person as your President?

Idealogical zealots who are used to having their views mocked by literally anyone with an ounce of logical sense? Sound like any Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez you know? You really want this nut job "representing" you?

The past few Presidents, both democrats and republicans alike, have undergone more media and public scrutiny than nearly any other persons on the planet. They are attacked from nearly every angle on a daily basis. Nothing they do is not over-examined by anyone and everyone with even an inkling of political interest. Like every episode of the Bachelor or any other "reality" show, we the public have some unhealthy morbid interest in it.

No, the most intelligent, well qualified people in our Country are simply too smart, and not interested in the kind of spotlight our current media-driven, socio-political system has evolved into. In short, they don't want any part of it.

We the voters have done this to ourselves. We complain that we only have a choice between a "giant douche" or a "turd sandwich"; that neither party can present us with a candidate worth voting for, but I say, they give us exactly what we want. Not a President despite all the odds against, but an egomaniacal, misogynist, reputed pedophile to counter the other side's narcissistic, racist, mental midget.

Good job America! No matter how this election goes, we are in for another four years of petty bickering, accusations, fighting, and stagnation. If you want something different in 2024, you better start now. And the place to start is the largest terrorist organization in the Country...

The media.
(I was going to write news media, but seriously, who are we kidding?)

Oh, I Ganja!


What is wrong with the Country

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