North Korea threatens to defend itself?

by iGanja 29. May 2009 04:40

north-korea-is-dark.jpgNorth Korea today launched yet another missile test in a clear attempt to, um, well, um, provoke a response from the rest of the world that would otherwise forget they even existed, and then had the gall to say 'it would take "self-defense measures" if the U.N. Security Council punished it for this week's nuclear test.'

Self-defense measures huh, wha, against further U.N. Security Council sanctions? OH! I get it now; you will start to feed your own people then? Because seriously, the only thing we can do now to further push your fucking piece of shit country, ruled by the most moronic gadfly in human history - seriously, not even Fidel Castro is as much of a lunatic as this imbecile - back to the Stone Age, is to STOP GIVING YOU FOOD!

Of course, that will never fly in the U.N. with China having veto power, and it ain't because they are even close to allies mind you, it's that China just doesn't want a mass of starving fucking refugees flooding into their country from the Stone Age.

I'm wondering if anyone - save maybe South Korea - would have even the remotest problem with China just moving in and taking over. Yeah, the US would squawk a little, and demand they retreat, and China would basically tell us to go fly a kite or shoot off some fireworks or worse, threaten to stop making shit for us, and in a few months we would all go back to our more important items of business, and eventually nobody would even remember there ever was a North Korea.

Or better yet, fire up the ol' Enola Gay boys, we got on last encore performance!

oh, i ganja!


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Oh, I Ganja

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Oh, I Ganja!

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