Alright, this chick is HOT!

by iGanja 31. May 2006 03:09

hot hot hotI don’t know what the hell she’s sellin’, but I’ll buy it.

I’m pretty sure it’s not an ad for some anti-drug campaign with that smokin’ hot crack!

I heard she was some kind of race car driver… whatever, I hope she’s fast.

oh i very much ganja!


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michela United States
6/1/2006 4:56:09 AM #

OMG! OMG! that is one hot butt crack baby I don't remember who she's married to, but he better have one ginormous schlong and lots of dough, or he'll find himself holding the finish line flag all by his wee wittle wonesome while SHE is off getting laid by the entire 2006, 2007, and 2008 calendar boys!

jimmyjames United States
6/1/2006 5:03:05 AM #

And to think THIS is the face of Argent! Who wouldn't get a loan from her? Shit, I'd go in for a loan, there she is, and I'd say, "uh, um, uh, um, uh want the keys to my house? Here, it's all yours. I don't need the loan anymore."

Shane United States
6/1/2006 5:06:22 AM #

I will never sleep again knowing such a creature exists. 'Michela' is going to find some germs in her rucksack for destroying my life like this.

fruity United States
6/1/2006 5:09:38 AM #

I've been telling Michela there is a Jesus! Do you *need* anymore proof you hellbound pagen? Sweet Jesus, thank you !

robert United States
6/1/2006 6:08:28 AM #

I don't suppose this is an ad for mail order brides from russia, and she is the featured "bride of the month", ready to be shipped to the nicest poor slop who has $50, a working refrigerator, and running water. I don't suppose that's the case here, eh?

rightsetfred United States
6/1/2006 7:05:56 AM #

And to think she gave up a career in mud wrestling...

Brettski United States
6/1/2006 9:05:23 AM #

how frustrating

Marla United States
6/1/2006 11:30:41 AM #

Absolutely, she's hot. However, I have issue with the hint 'o crack. If she's going to show crack, it'd be way hotter to show the whole thing, not that smidge at the top. It's like that bikini doesn't fit her properly.

iGanja United States
6/2/2006 1:31:55 PM #

uh, you are seriously missing the point Marla...

michela United States
6/2/2006 2:10:17 PM #

Marla is simply seeing it through non-lesbo female eyes. The ill-fitting bikini reminds us straight gals of the hip sagging bags called Dickies that dykes wear. Classy, straight gals like us want to see the snug but proper fit of the full string bikini (even a G), or take it all off!!! Actually, though, I must say, I think the hint-o-crak is kinda sexy. Shit...have I gone lesbo? Do I own any Dickies? Do I have to work today?

iGanja United States
6/2/2006 4:45:30 PM #

don't speak of it... come over wearing dickies sometime and see what happens...

Marla United States
6/3/2006 9:06:28 AM #

Dude, of course she's hot. The Valut actually accused me of being jealous, you know, for finding fault in a perfect woman. That isn't the case. However, I am a little worried about Michela. If I hear the Indigo Girls in her car...I'm running for the hills.

michela United States
6/5/2006 5:56:41 AM #

If you hear Indigo Girls in my car, _I'm_ headed for the hills right with ya! YUCK! If listening to that crap is a G & L membership requirement, right along with being a fan of Cher, I'd rather put bamboo under my fingernails and wash my hair with motor oil.

6/14/2006 5:56:55 AM #

Cmon ganji, we've seen enough of Danica's twisted panties. We need some stuff bebe

6/27/2006 3:38:20 AM #

Okay, check these pics out: above and Danica in SI are not the same people. Since the SI pix look quite a bit more raw, I'd say there was more air brushing goin' on those FHM photos than the entire VS catalogue.

6/27/2006 3:41:33 AM #

I mean shit, there's no way she is the svelte creature pictured above. No way! She's as butch as the american women's softball team! She could kick the team captain's ass!

iGanja United States
6/27/2006 5:42:43 AM #

someone's jealous!!!

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