"The sky is falling!"

by iGanja 17. September 2008 04:22

Oh how I love talk of “global warming,” the hot, politically correct, topic of the year. Hell, possibly even the decade – akin to the recycling craze of the 80’s. The greatest thing about these types of “issues” is that they really aren’t “political” at all. EVERY politician is “for stopping global warming” I mean what politician in their right mind would be against it? Which is exactly why, so many seemingly intelligent, logic driven politicians have jumped on the “global warming” band wagon.  Proposing that, against at least equally compelling scientific evidence to the contrary, “we” - meaning all of us who are not politicians - have to “do” something - meaning, jump through a bunch of worthless hoops and busy-tasks in an effort to “do our part” against “global warming,” all without a single shred of evidence that any of it will do one bit of good. So we – again, the non-politicians – are led by the nose to the “global warming” trough and pistol whipped into drinking the kool-aid.  Since our government encroaches into every aspect of our lives, there is almost nothing we can do about it. So the circle of idiocy is forged, and our leaders who have jumped aboard and those who believe anything the government tells them now perpetuate the idiocy. The “whacko” environmentalists have finally won! We now have a rallying cry! Stop global warming now!

It wasn’t enough for the environmentalists to simply use facts, valid logic, and cogent argument to make their points and push their views on everything from saving trees to whales to “the environment.” Most of us, who weren’t more worried about where our next rent payment was coming from, or how we were going to feed our children, were okay with the idea that cleaner air, soil and water were in our best interest; that recycling things could actually be more economical that starting from scratch; and developing alternative energy sources could reduce or eliminate our dependence on foreign countries controlled by religious zealots.

No, they aren’t going to stop until we were all vegans, who ride our bikes to work, and wear clothing we can later smoke, and what better way to control the people than to “invent” a global scale threat to humanity? One that can’t be proven one way or the other, and therefore the remedies could be almost anything. And by almost anything, I mean becoming vegans who ride our bikes to work and smoke our clothing.

I for one don’t buy it! Yes, I fully admit I may turn out to be absolutely wrong. This “global warming” thing may actually turn out to be humanity’s fault and totally preventable, but the evidence presented thus far leads me to believe it's all hogwash.

Case-in-point: we are told by the “global warming” pundits that our oceans are also warming as a result, and warmer oceans will lead to longer more devastating weather seasons; that we will see an exponential rise in the number and severity of hurricanes and tropical storms world-wide. We are led to believe that a constant stream of storms will come hurtling at us every summer and the only way to stop it is to cool the bitch down! Oh my god, the sky is falling, the sky is falling!

Okay Chicken Little, explain this. Why is it that in the middle of the historically heaviest hurricane month, and after a prediction of a heavier than normal hurricane season, and after stretching to get to nine named storms through mid September, we haven't even a single area of instability in the tropical Atlantic ocean for going on two days now?


Now, I have been an avid hurricane watcher for years. I mostly love reading the discussions citing numerous conflicting prediction models and wildly exaggerated forecasts of gloom and doom, but in the end admitting they have no fucking idea where the bitch is going to hit land, so hey, everyone from Mexico to Haiti to North Carolina get ready! In all my years of watching the NOAA website during the season, I have NEVER seen two straight days where there are “No tropical cyclones at this time” not even a small zone of disturbed weather or even ominous cloud formations! wtfo? You mean, with all this warm water, mother earth can’t conjure a rain shower worth noting to appease our “global warming” demands for massive weather extremes, dogs and cats living together and mass hysteria?

Oh, I ganja!



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