Of course some of us are NOT surprised!

by iGanja 26. May 2006 05:08

One of the leading opponents, Dr. Donald Tashkin from UCLA, and life long studier of marijuana, has concluded that smoking the stuff, even in large quantities similar to a pack a day cigarette smoker, has no cancer causing effect; none, what-so-ever in fact. What really burns this guy up inside, I’m sure, is that there was evidence that smoking marijuana may actually provide, get this, “some protective effect”. Oh my! Whatever will this guy do now that his life has been devoted to showing marijuana to be dangerous, and finding that it may very well have medicinal qualities? I wonder; will Dr. Tashkin now go on a (tax-payer funded of course) crusade to uncover other possible benefits of this unjustifiably condemned plant.

cowbell.gifWhat if someone doesn’t smoke it at all, eliminating the tar and other documented cancer causing agents found in cigarette smoke? What if we actually study the healing properties of THC itself? What if marijuana smoke does in fact contribute to the progression of cancer, but is counteracted upon by the THC? Imagine what might be the findings if we take away the smoke, and now all we have is the good stuff!

I got a fever!
And the only prescription, is more cow bell!

oh, I ganja!



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Oh, I Ganja

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Oh, I Ganja!

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