I will not eat crow (or cardinal) !

by iGanja 31. October 2006 03:53

However a little humble pie now and then is good for the soul, I guess.

Okay! Jeff Weaver, you have somewhat redeemed yourself. After the Angels gave up on you (as well they should have, btw, you fucking stunk,) to be picked up by my favorite National League team was almost a stab in the heart. To watch as you continued your wildly inconsistent performance, I feared you may actually keep them from making the play-offs.

Props to you as you did indeed sack up and start pitching to your potential FINALLY, and just in time! Your post season performance was nothing short of solid and, dare I say, even noteworthy. As much as I believe that David Eckstein, Scott Spezio and especially Jim Edmonds deserved their rings this year, I’m not all that stl.gifdisappointed that you too will don some hardware for your contribution to the cause.

Nice job!

And Congratulations to the World Champion St. Louis Cardinals!


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scrappy deux United States
10/31/2006 5:21:50 AM #

Ack! Ack ack! But I'll be a mudhen in the desert if he didn't pull it off... It was Wainright who almost did 'em in in the last inning after all. But almosts only count in...in...NOTHING! There is no almost. There's only vinners and zee loozers. And zee Cardinals ARE zee vinners!

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