The definition of well endowed

by iGanja 1. February 2006 11:22

The average single man lasts around 7 minutes during intercourse, and only between 2 to 3 minutes of actual thrusting.  The average married man lasts around 14 minutes, but still only 2 to 3 minutes of actual thrusting.


I actually found plenty of documentation stating that the rate of contractions during orgasm is .8 seconds (for both men and women!) how incredibly conveniently coincidental!  And if that is truly the case, is it any wonder at all that the notion of climaxing together is the end all of orgasmic pleasure?  Even with this factoid, it is anyone’s guess what the average man’s rate of thrusting is, but many resources imply that matching the orgasm rate of .8 seconds wouldn’t be a bad idea!


So, at .8 seconds per thrust, and 180 seconds (oh I’m giving all you men out there the upper limit here so sack up and give her the full 3 minutes man!) of thrusting that gives us 225 thrusts during intercourse.


But wait, consider this…


Again the experts don’t give any concrete data on frequency but lets say the average couple in a healthy sexual relationship is having sex at least 3 (again, sack up man!) times a week.  So, at 225 thrusts per go, that gives her 775 thrusts per week, and a whopping 40,300 thrusts per year!  Not too bad?


Alright, now where is this all going you ask?  Well, you didn’t really think that this little editorial would be complete without a short (pardon the pun) discussion on penile length did you?  Of course not!


Now, of course I am a huge proponent of (the admittedly self architected) D’Mo’s manhood indicator algorithm which gives proper credit to both length and girth, but for this argument we will be looking at length only.  That being the case, the average male member is the subject of much debate, but generally considered between 5.5 and 6.5 inches.  In fact most references on this topic agree that the absolute average is right around 6.1 inches with a standard deviation of .77 inches, which gives us somewhere around 88% of the male population in that range.  Let’s use 6 as a nice round (or shall I say long) number?  If you’re not reaching the average guys, you’re going to have to adjust your calculations accordingly from here.


So, using our previously calculated 40,300 thrust a year and our now accepted 6 inches a thrust, this gives her 241,800 inches a year!  That sounds like a few feet, eh?  In fact, 20,150 feet, or 6,717 yards, or for our European cousins, 6,142 meters.


And for our final calculation, get this, 3.82 miles!


Now ladies, I ask you, are you getting your 3.82 miles a year?  Or are we shooting (another fabulous pun) for an even 4!  Well Endowed!


oh, I ganja!







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michelie United States
2/1/2006 4:12:13 AM #

If yer only gittin (or givin) 3.82 miles a year, yer with the wrahwng person mon! I say everyone should be shooting (ptp) for 6 miles a year. Heck, even a big fat lady can walk 6 miles, if yah give 'er a year to do it. Shee-ite!

michelie United States
2/5/2006 8:47:56 PM #

Funny how I regularly run 3.82 miles on the treadmill. It just so happens, apparently, for the time, distance, and varying speeds I run on the treadmill, it frequently equals 3.82 miles. FUNNY

michelie United States
2/5/2006 8:48:22 PM #

Fix your email format!

Laura United States
4/10/2006 2:01:09 AM #

It seems I've entered a blog-affair website between M & D! Yo d`mo, das blog & newtelligence...iGanja so fast, snap, my skirt flew up! 15 years ain't enough to smell trouble?!! And $ ass! But R & D Web Consulting? Kinda like CDM Enterprises? Eh? With all this time on your hands, you better be makin' some money honey!! Prevents robots...nerd!

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