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by iGanja 30. August 2006 03:31

Okay, this is starting to bug me.  The use of "I" when referring to yourself in a picture with another person is ALMOST ALWAYS INCORRECT!  So, in an effort to sound intelligent and well educated, you are actually showing that you slept through that particular lesson in school.  Now, Im not one to harp on things normally, since I am a fairly poor speller, although spell check is a handy friend of mine, but this is beginning to border on ridiculous.

Brian and David.jpgSo, here is a little refresher course for those of you who honestly are trying to use the words I and me correctly:

My brother and I went to the lake.
Luckily, someone brought a camera to record the event.
Here is a picture of my brother and me at the lake.

Here is a little hint:

Remove the words My brother and from both sentences and you get:
I went to the lake.
Here is a picture of me at the lake.

Rather than:
Me went to the lake.
Here is a picture of I at the lake.

Even the simplest captions can be butchered.
For example a picture of you and someone else (say, your best friend Joe) should be captioned like so:

Me and Joe
Or, if you must put yourself last because in the back of your mind some English teacher told you to then,
Joe and me

NOT Joe and I!

You certainly wouldnt caption a picture of yourself with I, would you?
No, you would write Me!
as if those viewing it couldnt figure it out, but hopefully you all get the point.

Now go forth and fix all of your poorly written photo captions before you are cursed with perpetual halitosis.


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michelie United States
10/6/2006 5:40:14 AM #

I just remembered the rule for this; after a verb it is ALWAYS "me" Before a verb, it's "I" If the verb is *presumed* to be before the statement, it's "me" For your picture example, "Joe and me" is correct because the presumption, were this a complete sentence, is: "This IS Joe and me[at the lake]" (is is a verb, people) If you want "Joe and I" implictly state it: "Joe and I went to the lake in 2004" (notice, no verb before Joe and I) That's the rule; but the validity check iganja notes is the way to check it; you should be able to pull it out and it will make sense. Now why I'm looking at this post again is because THERE'S NO NEW MATERIAL ON THIS BLOG!!!!!

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