Did someone say shut the fuck up!

by iGanja 7. September 2006 03:42

As August came to a close, and very little in the way of inspiration to award a STFU award for the month, I have no problem at all giving this piece of work, spouting feminist dogma, the award covering two months and rectum-fying the whole situation.

07greer copy.jpgAustralian feminist Greer attacks "embarrassing" Croc Hunter

How can anyone, especially someone who advocates and promotes political and social correctness, be so blatantly unsympathetic and incorrect? Well, in this case, it appears that it is indeed very easy. This self absorbed, ego-maniac Germaine Greer seems all too willing to wield her celebrity and attack Steve Irwin with a barb even more poisonous than the one that killed him.

However you may feel personally about Steve Irwin and his “exploitative” antics Ms Greer, he was in the end, a man survived by a wife and children that loved him, and he deserved more than 24 hours of silence from the likes of you before publicly slamming him and his work. In fact, wouldn’t it be more in the feminist way to show compassion and empathy in such a moment as this?

Touché you worthless windbag; I guess you told him, didn’t you?

p028 copy.jpgOH MY GOD! The impudence (and cowardice) doth run deep. How microscopic must a man’s dick be to rip on another man after he’s dead? Chaunce Hayden, of Steppin’ Out magazine, a worthless piece of fish wrapping dedicated primarily to the entertainment industry based in, get this, New Jersey, if that wasn’t funny (or stupid) enough, has named Steve Irwin, the “Deceased Asshole of the Week!” Nice going, shit-for-brains! I’d bet $100 Chaunce (oh, I’d also bet he got beat up a lot in school with that name, huh sissy boy?) had never met the man Steve Irwin, never been to Australia, never seen a wild crocodile, and probably never grasped his manhood with more than his thumb and forefinger.

Seriously, this IS the guy they make Hummers and Excursions for. Chaunce, stick to what you know, or rather speculate best; the location of every gay bar on the east coast, where you can find Donald Trump’s penis pump, and how to eat your way up from the bottom of a vat of maggots. I suppose your association with Howard Stern has brought you to the status of journalist (we) most like to ridicule, but once that fades, you’ll just be a guy with no balls that kicks sand in the face of dead guys. Not even Howard Stern would have been this insensitive.

Although I will never wish death on anyone, I do look forward to the day you make your own column!  You too can shut the fuck up now!

Oh, I ganja

non-working link to shit-for-brains magazine article PUSSY! This should have been a retraction and an apology!


Shut The Fuck Up!

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michelie United States
9/12/2006 5:39:19 AM #

It never ceases to amaze me how crass and animalistic so-called "progressives" really are. As I've said before, the only "progress" the "progressives" ever seem to promote is the disintigration of civilized society...that's why they defend homicidal maniacs who murder innocent people, child molesters, the list could go on ad naseum.

iGanja United States
9/21/2006 5:39:47 AM #

oh, and get this... the link to the "so called magazine" article is no longer available. pussy! luckily, iganja has more journalistic integrity than most and saved the article so you can continue to read the fish wrap and loathe the piece o' shit chaunce hayden. oh, i still ganja!

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