The frog is boiling

by iGanja 6. December 2006 04:01

Okay, I have for 6 years now resisted the temptation to climb on the Bash (George W.) Bush bandwagon.  Not that he hasn’t deserved all or even more of the criticism that he gets, but that I simply chose to ignore the blatant arrogance coupled with the immeasurable stupidity of our current president simply because I have one vote, and I do my very best with my one vote, but the rest of the country chooses to elect one lying bastard after another!  So, I live with the choice, but I complain about it as is my right.  I am sure I would sign a petition to have him impeached, but I’m not about to start the campaign.  It just isn’t worth it, given the fact that the bible/corn belt of our country loves the guy, which only helps to validate the label of their part of the country as “dumbfuckistan.”  I don’t blame them entirely.  When you wrap yourselves in the flag or the [enter religious text of your choosing here] you tend to see only that which is shown to you, tend to hear only that which is told to you and tend not to question any of it, which is, in the end, what those doing the showing and the telling are counting on.

Go back to sleep, your government has everything under control… all the while, the frog is boiling!

Today, the executive branch (aka George W.) received a report from a panel of highly educated and experienced experts in sociology, cultural relations and specifically the Middle East and the Islamic religion.  They made a number of recommendations, many of which were “Unanimously” agreed upon by the panel.  They painted a dire picture of what might occur if the US continues with its current strategy, and generally condemns the actions and policies of our government with regard to the Middle East.  So, the report overall sees a “grave and deteriorating” crisis.  No shit?  I’d have never guessed, and it seems our administration was just as taken aback by the findings as I…  In fact so much so, that our pinhead of a president stated that the opinions of these “experts” will be taken “very seriously”, but “made clear he will not be bound by its ideas” his assessment of the state of affairs (he’s so smart,) is clearly contrary, so the White House immediately began “its own review of Iraq policy.”

Are you fucking kidding me?  Shouldn’t our administration be continuously reviewing our policies anyway, especially those that put our military into service?  And, how much more fucking “review” is needed?  We went to war with Afghanistan and Iraq with little more than a laughable theory and now you want more review?  And how much taxpayer money was spent on this study that you are now going to just throw away simply because you don’t like the results?  Actually, what our administration is really doing is stalling for time; time to find their own panel of “experts” that will study exactly what our President wants them to, and conclude that our cowboy belligerence policies are sound and working as planned.  What a crock of shit!

Go back to sleep, your government has everything under control… does it seem warm to you?  …and what’s with all these bubbles?

I hope we can survive two more years of this president’s moronic ineptitude.  I hope our next President can somehow repair the damage of eight years of unconscionable aggression, and arrogant policies that have pissed off pretty much the whole rest of the world.  I hope someday we can establish a viable third party to counter the two completely out-of-touch-with-reality ones we have today, but alas, that is a topic for another rant…

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