Well, DO SOMETHING already!

by iGanja 30. May 2008 04:18

I’ve seen a couple stories about the "maple bat problem" in recent days (both from my favorite Yahoo sports reporter extraordinaire, Jeff Passan,) stemming from the two latest incidents at Dodger stadiumDanger Will Robinson!To be honest, I don't know much about wood bats other than they break, a lot, or the issues that ball players have with each variety.  I do know that players absolutely develop preferences and with the level of superstition already in the game, I doubt it will be an easy task eliminating the maple variety without a huge fight with the players union.  However, one thing that MLB can do RIGHT NOW, as in IMMEDIATELY, is require that bat handles be taped.  In looking at the picture of the bat used by Todd Helton, a tape job would have severely reduced the distance the resulting projectile traveled if not kept the entire bat whole after breaking.  Even standard stick tape used by hockey players would suffice as an interim fix until a policy is formulated, or an engineered tape solution is developed. (e.g. A Kevlar string with a tape binder?)  I doubt that tape will completely eliminate the danger, but in this case I truly feel the injury to Susan Rhodes would have been avoided.  MLB owes its fans (the people without whom you wouldn’t have a business,) better than “too bad, so sad, you need to be alert” as a response to this.  Is it really going to take a death of a fan (ala Brittanie Cecil) to get Bud Selig to do something?  Just another perfect example of why he is the worst commissioner of any sports league anywhere.  I wouldn't even trust him to clean my toilet!


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