Controlled by the promises made by men…

by iGanja 20. April 2007 04:08

I have often stated, upon being asked of my religion, that I am “an agnostic theist.” In other words, I choose to believe there is a god, but also accept that I will never know for sure, and that there is no way to know for sure. Some would merely say that I am hedging my bet; sitting on the fence of theology, waiting for the outcome and positioning myself for the many possibilities. Okay. So? Is that any worse than choosing to believe on absolute blind faith, that God does exist and that he (or she or it) “commands” us to live a certain way and that the portal for his commands is some other human, different in no way to ourselves? Truth is I have much better odds of being right, that god does exist, that there is no way to know for sure, and that is exactly the way he intended it.

I have but one commandment. “Live and let live” I used to quote the golden rule as it seemed to sum up my views rather nicely, but after thinking about it, I decided that “doing” unto others was also not quite the right rule to live by. Considering that since everyone has different likes and dislikes, doing unto others as you would have done upon yourself just has too many failing interpretations.

There are hundreds of established religions in this world. Which one is correct? Place your bets everyone, the gate is about to open. The fact is I enjoy not knowing. The journey is indeed the point. The destination is inevitable. We will all reach it, and we will, only then, know the answer, and in death as in life there will certainly be more losers than winners. Those betting on the 72 virgins are gonna be rather disappointed. But hey, it was a long shot, and sometimes long shots come in, but in the realm of eternal existence, the concepts of “virgins,” “green pillows” and “red carpets” is distinctly different than what we believe. Just live and let live.

Yet we base our beliefs, we live our lives, we judge others, condemn others, kill others all over these promises of the afterlife. Why? These promises were made by men. Plain and simple, prophet or not, men; guessing (betting) just like the rest of us. Chances are they are wrong. And the proof is in the purgatory, or in this case, limbo. (It would have worked so much better had limbo started with a ‘P’ but alas it just didn’t.)

Now, all of the sudden, a belief held by the catholic faithful has been buried *. Where the idea came from in the first place is a topic of debate as it was never an “official” church doctrine, but still believed by a great number of people, and lives were controlled by the idea, doctrine or not. Holy shit batman! Did god himself speak to the faithful and ‘splain it in clear, easy to understand god speak? No. The ‘men’ in charge of things, declared that limbo was an "unduly restrictive view of salvation," Yeah? No fucking way? Well, of course I’ve been saying that for years. Of course, I’m not the pope, so nobody takes my word for it. But here is where I say “See, I told you so!” Just more proof that we don’t know, and we will never know and a plea to all, just live and let live.

Oh, I ganja!

* link changed because Yahoo News doesn't have the balls to keep a story for more than 3 months it seems.


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michelie United States
4/20/2007 5:14:04 AM #

Awesome, as usual. 'course I am a hell-bound pagan and you might be condemned by association (remember the pre-jesus god, after all).

michelie United States
6/7/2007 5:14:17 AM #

new material!

chad carr United States
8/2/2007 5:15:09 AM #

What about some new ganja????

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