Point of Order, Madam Speaker!

by iGanja 10. April 2007 06:06

pelosi.gifAfter House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Syria and relayed a message from Israel that shocked Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert with its level of arrogance coupled with complete error, the rest of the world had to be asking, “What the hell was that bitch smoking?” Well, thanks to dedicated Syrian photo journalists, we have the answer. Turns out that Afgani Kush is rivaled only by the Syrian variety, of which Ms. Pelosi was reported to have sampled during her tour of the Syrian capital.

Oh, I Ganja commends the Speaker for her open indulgence and intrepid diplomatic strategies, but seriously Madam Speaker, lay off the weed during working hours wo-man!

yep, I Ganja!



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michelie United States
4/10/2007 7:16:08 AM #

What an uptight hag. Someone should give her a vibrator instead of a pipe. Or both.

chad carr United States
4/12/2007 7:15:44 AM #

Dude, that is really cool...

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