Oh, how I love Americans for Safe Access!

by iGanja 21. February 2007 06:03

Too long has our Federal Government held its position that Marijuana has no medical benefit, when there exists literally tons of evidence to the contrary. To continue to perpetuate out-and-out lies to the public which it serves and rapes for tax dollars used to pay for scientific studies to find the fucking truth is criminal. And now the ASA has decided enough is enough. It is in fact a violation of the law for our government to distribute untruths and misinformation when the evidence shows otherwise. How many more people must suffer or die while the feds fight this un-winnable war on drugs? The amount of money our country spends on this war in a single year is just plain unconscionable! See, Paying for the war on drugs...

oh, i ganja!



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michelie United States
3/15/2007 7:17:12 AM #

And oddly enough, it's the Bush administration and liberal judges working in concert to deny individuals this right. Today, the liberal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that a lady suffering from 9 severe ailments for whom no other drug helped (which the judges had the nerve to call "traditional" medicine, as opposed to the wicked use of "non-traditional" marijuana...whose tradition is it to use pharmaceuticals that do not work?), she can die as far as they're concerned. She can just rot and die. Bush The Christian agrees. Bush The Christian is the most Evil Creature EVER. I'd take Saddam over him right now. At least with Saddam you knew where you stood. Bush The Christian Bastard...full of contradictions... full of shit.

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Oh, I Ganja

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