Bad Bad Mr. Green!

by iGanja 7. November 2006 03:55

The only question at the beginning was why we seemed to have to wait for Miss Scarlet every year! A curious fact indeed, and were the Scarlet’s (who looked a lot like the Peacocks of old,) destined to repeat as winners? It seemed, early on, that Miss Scarlet was content to sit on her laurels from last year, and simply tease the boys over what color panties, if any, she was wearing, as she walked up the stairs. None of us were complaining though, so her tardiness was soon forgotten.

The investigation started quickly, suggestions were flying at every suspect, as no one was beyond suspicion. Every suspect garnered scrutiny early on, but as the investigation proceeded, Mrs. Peacock and Mr. Green became the clear favorites. Sheriff Peacock was never surprised as he was heard to say "It’s you, I know it’s you! Just give yourself up now woman, and be done with it!" It didn’t seem to sway anyone, and as it turned out, years of law enforcement was no match for psychic abilities.

Was it Mrs. White again this year? We spent some time in the gymnasium, but the clues presented there seemed to show that she had suppressed her activist ways. Clearly, Major League Baseball’s stricter steroid policy had satisfied her. What about this new Colonel Mustard? Although, we weren’t buying the ruse that he had made full bird faster than anyone before him, he seemed more intent on drinking poison than proving his innocence. Luckily, someone did it for him.

Would any of us stay sober long enough to figure this out? It seemed not, as the investigation appeared stalled in the Great Room and accusations of a fixed die were cast toward the butler, who really just wanted Mrs. Green to reach into his pocket to retrieve it. Even the butler was wondering about the die as it seemed there were only three sides; the Great Room, Dinning Room and Foyer were the only rooms it would reveal! Would it be enough? What of this new balcony? What about the office and the kitchen? Shouldn’t we at least go down to the gymnasium one last time? If only to watch Miss Scarlet climb the stairs again?

As it turned out, it simply wasn’t needed, although many players were lamenting over whether to skip their turns to get to their room of choice. When the Mustard’s turn came, they did indeed decide to pass their turn, yet there was a no sense that we were getting close to an answer, only that other rooms had to be investigated. Most agreed it was a good move, but would the Mustard’s strategy pay off?

Amazingly NO! The Mustard’s would never get their shot. The White’s had seen and heard enough, and even though they admitted to having only two of the three pieces of the puzzle, they were ready to make an accusation, jurisprudence be damned! Most of the others were stunned. The Greens and the Plums cried foul over procedure, butt Scarlet, still sitting on her cute little laurels, didn’t seem to mind. The butler assured everyone that proper procedure was followed; even winning a bet over it for free sushi next Thursday night! Mrs. White was within her right to accuse, and accuse she did…

Mr. Green,
In the Kitchen,
With the Candlestick!

mr-green.gifMrs. White made the accusation, with an eerie conviction in her voice, and an assertion that she was indeed psychic! Was it true that the normally mild mannered Mr. Green, a surfer and part time computer hack, had found yet another gruesome use for his candlestick? After walking around with it in his pants all night, no one really wanted to touch that one! And without ever going to the kitchen, how did Mrs. White come to her conclusion? Perhaps only the psychic world may ever know. Was it that Mr. Green had blew out a flip flop, and stepped on a pop top, cut his heel and had to cruise on back home? Only to find there was no booze in the blender, and nothing would render, but that candlestick was just the tool to remind someone that without margarita fixings, it’s hard to hang on! Tequila kills, but it seems in this case lack of tequila might be just as deadly! And all the pieces seemed to come together…

The Winner!

It was true…


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michelie United States
11/7/2006 4:39:16 AM #

But what about the really cute maid in the beauteefull black dress? Not only was she sober throughout the solving of the murder, she sat back amusingly as the wasted suspects attempted to solve the crime by suggesting the same murderer, weapon, and room over and over again cuz they were so blizted they forgot those guesses had been made! The maid was made happy by the amusing sounds of brain cells hitting the floor from start to end. And Mrs. White proved to have preserved enough brain cells to solve the mystery and end the night. Good thing or bad? That's the only question remaining...

iGanja United States
11/7/2006 7:27:05 AM #

I had fun, and in the end, that's really all that matters...

Marla United States
11/7/2006 10:51:13 AM #

I think you need to post the victory picture. BTW, you hosted a great party. Food was wonderful and the poison was flowin'. To quote Frank the Tank: "I had an awesome time!"

kmt United States
11/8/2006 3:35:49 AM #

the maid was, indeed, looking lovely... mrs. white, an excellent psychic friend... and mrs. peacock, not to mention the sheriff, totally at a loss for brain cells... please let me know when you scoop mine off the floor... my last, remaining particle of grey matter is rather lonely. (evil, EVIL poisonSmile thanks for a fun time! k

iGanja United States
11/9/2006 7:46:13 AM #

Was that what it was? I just used hot shot on it!

kmt United States
11/10/2006 5:20:05 AM #

damn, damn, damn... it'll take me *months* to regenerate those!

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