So many laws: so little justice!

by iGanja 20. October 2006 03:50

A phrase I coined nearly 20 years ago, is even more pertinent, as there are even more laws today and shit like this still happens.

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I cannot say that I am as moved to action as my beloved over this tragedy.  I have truly given in to the notion that life just isn’t fair, and bad things happen to good people.  My realistic senses tell me there is little I can do to rectify this injustice.  It does indeed enrage me when our government doesn’t work, and I am sickened by the regularity by which it happens.  Try as I may to forget and move on, my conscience and my love for a certain woman lead me to do something.  So, here is my pledge:  I will do whatever she asks of me in this cause, and I will start by sending the following letter to the prosecutor(s) of this case.

To Assistant U.S. Attorney Debra Kanof:

Today I am embarrassed as an American by this injustice, but you are forever doomed to be associated with it as the true perpetrator.  This is Karma of the worst kind.  I actually pity you, for when your time comes to answer for this; you will undoubtedly pay a very high price for stealing twenty-three years of fellow human beings’ lives and destroying the lives of their respective families.  The damage you have caused to our great nation is inexcusable, and you deserve to live the rest of your life ridiculed and ashamed.  There are many of us who will NEVER forget what you have done.

Twenty-three years for shooting the scourge of the earth in the butt?  This vermin walks free to undoubtedly commit more crime against our nation while those who would protect us, AND YOU for that matter, are condemned for it?  I wish for you an inequitable shift of balance in those proverbial scales of justice, that this vermin you have set free may happen upon your house someday to commit a crime against you and your family; that you are at peace with the knowledge that you did your job; and that those who have pledged to protect you…won’t.

And I will NOT weep for you; you definitely deserved it!

David Moore
oh, I ganja!


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michelie United States
10/23/2006 5:22:13 AM #

Well your beloved thinks you were moved to action even if you don't. I'm moved by your move to action Smile

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