by iGanja 18. October 2006 03:48

sobe_fortune.gifI have come to rather enjoy SOBE energy drinks.  Green Tea is my favorite, but alas, the cafeteria was out today.  So, hmmmmm, what shall I try?  How about, Power Fruit Punch!  And for added enjoyment SOBE puts a little message under each cap.  They normally don’t make much mention of it; but sometimes it actually does relate to some give-away or something, but mostly it’s just some random way of telling you that “you lost”, “life isn’t fair”, and to keep your spirits high, drink more SOBE, and in the words of professor Lupin of Harry Potter fame, “You’ll feel betta!”

Today was no different.  I lost again! Or more precisely, fortune did not smile on me today, BUT only in the US of A.  Seems if I decided to leave the country, my luck might very well be different.  Worse or better, god only knows.

oh, I ganja!


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michelie United States
10/19/2006 5:22:31 AM #

Stupid sobe! Stupid!

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