Paying for the war on drugs…

by iGanja 28. April 2006 02:41

Our federal and state governments will collectively spend over $50 billion in hard tax-payer money this year on the futile fight known as the war on drugs. Countless more dollars will be spent in support of this war including prosecuting and incarcerating the thousands of unfortunate souls ranging from hard core heroin addicts to the guy walking around with a single joint in his pocket and unlucky enough to be nabbed one too many times.

It is also probable that we will spend even more than all of this combined in subsidies to nations where these drugs are coming from, most notably Mexico, Columbia, South Africa, and Afghanistan (yep, we give Afghanistan millions if not billions of dollars to combat the cultivation of opium poppies) and we can only guess where all this money actually goes. Curious the production of opium from Afghanistan has increased nearly ten fold since we ousted the Taliban (who were surprisingly effective at curtailing the opium industry when they were in power.) Perhaps our government will finally realize that the very freedoms we enjoy and fight for are the catalysts that enable the proliferation of drugs through the exercising of those freedoms.

The fact, which is so unbelievably easy to see, is the war on drugs is un-winnable. I would even argue that the more money we throw at this war, the more ineffective we will ultimately be at fighting it. We live in a society of freedom, capitalism and gluttony; three of the worst enemies to good judgment, equity and temperance, yet we as a society continually fool ourselves into thinking that can somehow control the masses by throwing unfathomable amounts of money toward a war we cannot hope to win.

Opponents to true freedom of choice would have you believe that the only outcome would be anarchy, but I would argue that the problems facing our nation stem from the government’s propensity to limit our freedom when they see fit to save us from ourselves. With ultimate freedom comes ultimate accountability and responsibility. Imagine if we spent that $50 billion on education. Effectively producing more intelligent, accountable and productive future members of our society, who, if they chose, would do drugs, or not, but either way would do so responsibly, and without impeding on anyone else’s right to do the same.

oh, I ganja

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michela United States
4/29/2006 6:17:10 AM #

This is beautiful!!!

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