Here here, and shut the fuck up already!

by iGanja 12. April 2006 02:35

McKinney's gender, race card flop

Cynthia.McKinney.jpgSometimes being black or being a woman has nothing to do with someone’s reaction to your arrogant, self entitled actions.  Actually, what playing the race card can do in some instances is prove just how much of a racist the one playing the card is.  Although, in my mind, this case is pretty darn clear, many cases of supposed racial injustice are handled with such kid gloves that no one ever supposes that the one crying foul is really the racist.


Take for example, our very own resident racist; the compulsive, self serving, (exactly what makes him a reverend,) media whore, piece of cow dung, Jesse (please don't point that dogmatic finger at me again) Jackson.  Does no one have the balls to stand up and call him what he is?  Is the fact that he happens to be black and one of the most outspoken abusers of the race card somehow shed all scrutiny by the learned public, our nation’s leaders and judicial system that he is in fact one of the most blatant racists of our time?


cynthia_mckinney.jpgI know nothing of Rep. Cynthia McKinney except this.  She needs to apologize to congress, to the Capitol Hill Police officer whom she has tried to try in the media to cover her own lack of good judgment and sense, and just do her job.  You know, the one her constituents elected her to do, and leave the race and gender cards to those who truly play them best.


My apologies to Gloria Allred.  Although you certainly deserve it, being the self appointed champion for all things gender and an even bigger media whore than JJ, I simply had no energy for you today, but I'm sure we can all draw the parallel.

Oh, I ganja


Shut The Fuck Up!

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michela United States
4/25/2006 6:19:12 AM #

Hey, there's a follow up to this idiot's temper tantrum. She was caught on audio tape having ANOTHER tantrum! We must blawg on this one.

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