Knock Knock

by iGanja 10. March 2006 02:29

Knock knock


“Who’s there?”




Orange who?”


Orange you glad Charles Cullen got another life sentence?


Just as I supposed, the state of Pennsylvania did indeed tack on some (life without possibility of parole) time to this guy’s already exaggerated sentence fromNew Jersey, for murdering another 7 people in their state.


And now, of course, the good and the bad of it: at least Pennsylvaniahas the rational sense to simply send the guy to prison “for the rest of your life,” which is really just a humane way of saying “I sentence you to death by natural causes, or by anal elongation, whichever comes first.”  But, didn’t I also say that simply pilling on this guy would do nothing to console the victims’ families?  After the hearing, Schramm's daughter, Kristina Toth, said the sentence provided no closure.”  What a surprise!


The families will get one more opportunity to see, and loathe and possibly cast disparaging remarks at, the “Killer Nurse” before he is crated off to New Jersey to spend the next 11 lifetimes (with time off for good behavior, of course,) after which he will finally be made to serve his sentence in the land of Penn.  Better make it a good one!  This kind of therapy only comes along once every 397 ½ years…


Oh, I ganja


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michelie United States
3/14/2006 6:26:49 AM #

It's justice for the victims' families. They want to see that the death of their loved one counted. That part of the sentence to be served references their loss. I think they deserve that. Purely monetarily, it doesn't make sense.

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