What a surprise!

by iGanja 7. March 2006 04:27

The jails are (over) crowded!  No doubt by felonious pot smokers.  Don’t you feel safer knowing our government spends literally millions of your tax dollars each year hunting down prosecuting and incarcerating these dangerous criminals?  Three cheers for Steven Kubby!  I will vote for you again!


On a higher note, although I have no optimism judging from the current makeup of our Supreme Court, but they will indeed re-examine the federal ban on ganja as it applies to its medical use.


Pack your bags people, we’re all moving to Oregon!


Oregon too cold and wet for ya?  Nevada might soon be even nicer!




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michelie United States
3/8/2006 8:27:18 AM #

yes, as they early-release the child rapists, the murderers, and other violent criminals, the potheads who, remember from the MWB post are rarely violent and when they are don't remember what they were trying to be violent about. Glad we lock those stoner bears up. Ask yourselves, peeps, who would you rather meet in a dark alley at night; a stoner, or a rapist? Hmmm?

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