How about “you just ain’t gonna get out”?

by iGanja 2. March 2006 02:18

What is it with our fascination with long prison sentences?  I mean, anything over 60 years is essentially life.   What is up with a 397 ½ year sentence?  Does that mean the guy is even worse than say a guy that gets only 350 years?  Do the families of the multiple victims get to figure which of the nearly 20 score of years is in reparations for their loss?


N.J. Killer Gets 11 Life Sentences


It truly is a waste of so much of our time, dollars, resources and even piece of mind to go through these ridiculous motions of trying a guy for all 22 murders to which he fully admits.  And what of the murders, again to which he has admitted to, in other jurisdictions?  Will the additional 150 year sentence in those states be of such profound consolation to the families of those victims?  How we coddle our grieving citizenry, akin to so much of the new age PC rhetoric, so not to offend.


Let’s spend more money on this piece of shit!


The fact is the additional 330 plus years tacked on to this guy’s term will do nothing to console the families.  It simply makes for a nice headline, and helps to establish just how really really bad this guy is.  Yippee!  “You’ve just been handed the longest sentence in New Jersey state history.  What are you gonna do next?”


I say we sentence the fucker like so:  “You are a very bad man, and have committed the ultimate crime against humanity.  You will not be rehabilitated!  You shall live the rest of your god forsaken life imprisoned by those you have wronged.”  If it were me on the bench, I’d add “…and in your next life may you be endlessly fucked in the ass by a donkey!”


Oh, I ganja!


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michelie United States
3/8/2006 6:27:45 AM #

The courts have HAD to impose these loooonnnggg prison sentences for these whackadoos because of the friggin' potential for parole. Some states have no life sentence without parole. So if you give someone 60 years, they might be out in 25 with parole. Tack -off- a few years for overcrowding (so you can house those crazy potheads who cause absolutely no harm) and you could have a quadruple murderer out in 20 years. Look at the Charles Manson cluster fuck. They will have to deal with his parole forever, and that dude is more psycho than an Arab outside a burning mosque. It's not exactly the same situation but it does beg the point of why these pig fuckers need such long sentences; at 365 years, he'll be eligible for parole in 100, instead of 20. No parole hearings for you, Mister Hendecagonal murderer. Not in a 100 years!

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