I've Been Duped!

by iGanja 18. February 2006 04:09

For years I have been educating my friends about the evils of forwarding emails, just for the sake of “passing it on.” Chain letters, if you will.  The purpose of which is to simply get you to send it to all your friends and relatives and further clog up the internet with pointless email.


I have been almost brutal at times.  Chastising them for repeated offenses; sending me forwards of jokes with headers long enough to choke a donkey.  All the cc’s from past forwards clearly visible in the text of the 15th generation of this, if I’m very lucky, mildly funny joke.


Imagine my mortification when, after forwarding a call to anyone in the market for a puppy, to find that the whole story of the puppy’s ultimate demise if nobody wanted them was a complete hoax, not to mention, been around the internet since 2002!  Read About It


eye-worm.jpgAs punishment I ate a worm, but curiously it found its way to my eye socket, and had to be surgically removed.


Anyway, this is my confession, and to all my friends who have felt my wrath over sending me a email forward, I say, I’m not sorry!  You still deserved it.  Just because even the best of intentions still occasionally ends in forwarding a hoax, doesn’t mean you are all off the hook.  It means we must be even more diligent in our efforts to stop the proliferation of crap email from choking our internet!  We can end this senseless cycle of stupidity!



Bottom line, if in the email itself it says to forward to all your friends…. DON’T!  It is a scam, and that is its sole purpose; to get you to send it along.  Always check Urban Legends or Snopes before even thinking of forwarding anything.


I am ashamed…


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kmt United States
2/18/2006 8:31:17 AM #

ok. that's just friggin gross! thanks for the nightmares...

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