One final thought on the great whiskey debate

by iGanja 31. January 2006 11:20

Well, it has taken time, but I can honestly say I have finally made peace with the break-up.  "That bitch broke my heart" she did, but a rather amazing thing happened as a result.  I found that there are a lot of very fine whiskeys out there worthy of my time and attention to taste and enjoy.  I for one have found that Evan Williams black label (curiously similar looking to Jack Daniels' black label.  So much so that you'd think they completely ripped Jack Daniels off until you realize that Evan Williams has been around for nearly 100 years longer than Jack Daniels,) is a fantastic whiskey!  86 proof, and less than half the cost of Jack Daniels!  Then of course there is Maker's Mark.  Which, at 90 proof and about the same price as Jack Daniels, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out where the value is there.  So I bid you a fond farewell Jack.  I will miss you, but I got some new friends now, and I only hope they treasure my friendship for I am a loyal friend…

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michelie United States
2/1/2006 4:09:17 PM #

Sooo, the makers of JD have market analyses that show people like the taste of the weaker proof? Where were they, UTAH? Any SoCali girl worth her salt (eh hem, we don't mean the salt edges of a margarita, either; that's for wine cooler drinkers) has drunk enough tequila in TJ to render the taste buds seared such that any booze with less than about 90 proof is just, well, waddah. Or may as well be. So say I, JD, what a crock of Morman shit!

Kelli United States
10/20/2006 5:55:29 AM #

Ahhh yes, I have become quite familiar with this Evan Williams refreshment (if you will). Goes nicely in a Diet Cherry Coke or Diet Cherry Pepsi.. Well you know, at least you aren't drinking alone.

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