What a crock of shit!

by iGanja 17. January 2006 11:13

Here is the response from Jack Daniels


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Hello David,


We sure appreciate your taking the time to write. The folks at Modern Drunkard Magazine are apparently worked up about our lowering the proof of our Black Label whiskey a little bit.  It seems they're judging our whiskey simply by how much alcohol is in it. We're awfully glad you've given us the opportunity to respond, and to explain how important quality and tradition are here at the Jack Daniel Distillery.


It might interest you to know that we've been bottling Black Label at 80 proof for several years in a number of states and countries. Our number one concern is to make sure our whiskey is of the highest quality. That means starting out with select grains for our mash and the cool, iron-free water that flows from the Cave Spring. It means maturing our whiskey in new white oak barrels. It also means following through with an extra step of mellowing our whiskey drop by drop through 10 feet of charcoal to make it a smooth sipping Tennessee Whiskey.


You see, Mr. Jack's whiskey-making tradition is very important to all of us at the Jack Daniel Distillery. That's why we take it to heart when folks suggest that a lower proof whiskey is somehow a lower quality. Fact is everywhere we've been at 80 proof the number of folks enjoying our whiskey is growing faster than in the places where it was 86 proof. Mr. Jack lowered the proof of his whiskey when he went from selling it by the barrel to selling it by the bottle because he knew that's the way folks actually were drinking it - at a lower proof. The same is true today.


Some folks have mentioned that we're watering down our whiskey. Water is a natural ingredient used to make whiskey. It's a critical element in the character and quality of whiskey. Water is the reason Jack Daniel decided to build his Distillery in the Lynchburg Hollow and is the reason we still make our whiskey there today. The water we use in the whiskey-making process is the same iron-free cave spring water that Mr. Jack found at the Cave Spring Hollow more than 135 years ago.



We realize that quality and tradition mean a lot to you, just as they have to Jack Daniel's for more than 135 years. So we would like to invite you, if you're ever traveling near Lynchburg, to take the time to drop by the Distillery and enjoy a taste of our Tennessee Whiskey with our tasters. We are confident you will agree that our taste and quality have not changed!  Please call (931) 759-7822 and ask for Randy Fanning, and he'll make sure you have a personal tasting.


Again, thank you for writing. We hope we'll hear from you again soon.


Best regards,


Jone Richardson at Jack Daniel's



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