No, I do NOT stand with Ukraine!

by iGanja 25. February 2022 11:16


Not a single one of you, claiming to "Stand with Ukraine" will change the evil that is going on there!

Not a single one of you, displaying a Ukrainian flag on your social media profile will make a lick of difference to the people of Ukraine!

Not a single Facebook, or Instagram post, Twitter tweet, or TikTok video will save a single beautiful soul in Ukraine!

Your self-serving, narcissistic social media feed claiming you "Stand with Ukraine" only serves as evidence that our society places more importance on the overall meaningless drivel people type with their thumbs, while lying in their warm beds, after reading someone else's meaningless, narcissistic, self-promoting, blathering. It's time to grow up! Life is REAL, not a fairy tail where we all get to choose our genders! Grow the fuck up!

The woke generation seems to think using the same mechanism to show we will "Never Forget" the tragedy of 9/11 is tantamount to professing their support - or in this case their fickle opposition - for an ongoing tragedy, all in the safety of their entitled situation. All without recognizing for a second what it is that affords them that safety.

The Black Lives Matter movement had an effect because people actually got off their asses and acted - all be it sometimes in destructive ways - but "Standing" with our black brothers and sisters meant actually Standing! Simply posting the latest fad phrase for all to see on your Facebook feed was simply a feeble attempt to look cool, but really who were you kidding? except all the others who "shared", or "forwarded", or "thumbed up" your weak-ass proclamation.

This is no different, and at the same time, wildly different. You are NOT "Standing with Ukraine"! anymore than you stood with Afghanistan when we let the Taliban literally roll over the beautiful and FREE people of Afghanistan. And excuse me for saying it, but you pathetic woke cowards! We were already there! We were charged with protecting the people of Afghanistan when the Putin of that area - the Taliban - flat out told us, once the US leaves, we will turn Afghanistan back to the stone age. And we left, with barely a word from you social media zealots! Shame on all of you for not "Standing with" a people that needed us!

Is it your shame and embarrassment that leads you now to "Stand with Ukraine" or is it - as I have already theorized - just the cool, woke thing to say, so your "followers" continue to think you are influencing? What a crock of manure. "Standing" with Ukraine means getting off our collective asses, firing up a few B1 bombers, and flying over the Russian front lines and dropping a few well intended messages on them. "Standing" means acting - with more than your fucking thumbs! Standing with Ukraine means literally standing right next to a Ukrainian who is about to be shot for no other reason than they exist. No, YOU are NOT standing with Ukraine!

Standing with Ukraine or Afghanistan, takes guts! Guts our leaders simply don't have, and no amount of social media profile posts and Ukrainian flags will change that! All of you who voted for our current Vice President and her running mate, thought you were going to revive America by getting rid of the President who would never have allowed the Russians to give us the finger in Ukraine. All of you were dead wrong! What's worse, you haven't the guts to even admit it. Instead you will "Stand with Ukraine" in a wasted and misdirected attempt to support a people our country's leadership - the cowards you all voted for in record numbers - has failed to do.

You really want to "Stand with Ukraine"? Impeach the current administration - every single one of them - and elect leaders who will LEAD and STAND for what is right! You want to "Stand with Ukraine"? Stand first for a strong, purposeful, and principled United States!

I'm not going to waste my time "Standing with Ukraine". I'm going to Pray for Ukraine and the people of Ukraine, the same way I Pray for the people of Afghanistan and all those persecuted for simply being pawns in some crazed lunatic leader's power game. 

And I will vote for leaders who will Make America Great Again! This "woke" experiment has gone way wrong, and needs to end! This pacification of our men and women into pussies who actually think positing some trite phrase on the Internet will stop gun violence, create true equality for people of color, keep abortion legal, or save the people of Ukraine, has weakened us to the point of losing our freedom to a foreign aggressor. Will it take being literally attacked for you people to wake the fuck up? Your woke-ness is old, and tired, and gonna get us learning to speak another language, or worse.

And just so we are clear, I was never a fan of President Trump, and less a fan of the man. But at least he was not a coward, and truly believed America could be great again. Right now, because the rest of you hated the man even more, we are at a tipping point in our country's history, and where we go from here will have nothing to do with how "woke" we are and how many people "Stand with Ukraine" on their social media outlet. It will have everything to do with what we DO and how we ACT and who we ELECT to LEAD our great country in the future; not for the 5% outspoken and misguided souls, but for the 95% of us who are just normal, binary, God fearing humans!

oh, iGanja, and it's fucking sad and frightening!


What is wrong with the Country

What is wrong with our Country - Part 1 of many

by iGanja 1. October 2020 01:32

My beautiful, better half made the most amazing observation this morning. She said, the reason we never seem to have anyone worth voting for, is that the truly great leaders in our country don't want the abuse that will be heaped upon them by the media. The constant barrage of insults and castigations by our first amendment entitled resident terrorist hatemongers is more than most sane intelligent people would volunteer for. So, what do we get?

Narcissistic blowhards who really enjoy the public spotlight no matter what the media or anyone else says about them, and literally relish the idea of acting in outrageous ways to develop buzz. Sound like any Trump you know? Do you want this kind of person as the President of your country?

Egomaniacs who are only interested in their own self-serving power position, and really could not care less what anyone says about them. Again, sound like any Hillary you know? You want this person as your President?

Mental incompetents who are nearly oblivious to the rhetoric around them, seemingly able to let the corrosive water run off their proverbial backs only because they have no idea they are actually being shot at? Sound like any Bush or Biden you know? You want this person as your President?

Idealogical zealots who are used to having their views mocked by literally anyone with an ounce of logical sense? Sound like any Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez you know? You really want this nut job "representing" you?

The past few Presidents, both democrats and republicans alike, have undergone more media and public scrutiny than nearly any other persons on the planet. They are attacked from nearly every angle on a daily basis. Nothing they do is not over-examined by anyone and everyone with even an inkling of political interest. Like every episode of the Bachelor or any other "reality" show, we the public have some unhealthy morbid interest in it.

No, the most intelligent, well qualified people in our Country are simply too smart, and not interested in the kind of spotlight our current media-driven, socio-political system has evolved into. In short, they don't want any part of it.

We the voters have done this to ourselves. We complain that we only have a choice between a "giant douche" or a "turd sandwich"; that neither party can present us with a candidate worth voting for, but I say, they give us exactly what we want. Not a President despite all the odds against, but an egomaniacal, misogynist, reputed pedophile to counter the other side's narcissistic, racist, mental midget.

Good job America! No matter how this election goes, we are in for another four years of petty bickering, accusations, fighting, and stagnation. If you want something different in 2024, you better start now. And the place to start is the largest terrorist organization in the Country...

The media.
(I was going to write news media, but seriously, who are we kidding?)

Oh, I Ganja!


What is wrong with the Country

Oh, I Ganja

When something becomes clear, we exclaim "Oh, I Ganja!"

Let us question the narratives and seek enlightenment in answers based on logic and reason.

We can all be saved! You just need to know where to turn, and the truth can be yours as well.

Oh, I Ganja!

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