Congrats to the Angels!

by iGanja 11. September 2008 04:20

laa.gifThe Angles have clinched the otherwise - second* - worst division in baseball probably weeks, not days, before any other team!

Congratuations to the Angels, Arte Moreno and everyone involved with turning the Angels into a legitimate playoff threat for the past few years and hopefully for many years to come.

oh, i ganja

* Seriously, the National League West can't even compete with the Pacific Coast League.



I am so bummed we got rid of this guy…

by iGanja 18. July 2006 03:28











J Weaver (L, 0-1)










laa.gifIn his first game with his new team the Cardinals (my favorite NL team btw,) Jeff Weaver really shined!  Nearly doubling his innings pitched over his last (thankfully) stl.gifstart with the Angels, he managed to actually get through 4 whole innings!  I really see a bright future for this guy (as a batting coach or maybe in real estate…)  Jim Rome predicts he won’t make it to the end of August.  I think he is being generous,

I predict he won’t even SEE August!


oh, i ganja!



I just can’t seem to get rid of this guy!

by iGanja 5. July 2006 03:24

From my favorite AL team to my favorite NL team, Jeff Weaver will be haunting me at least for the rest of this year. What did I do to deserve this torment?


On another note, thank god Bartolo Colon finally figured out how to get guys out. His recent complete game shutout of the Mariners was a nice turn around. A few more of those, and we just may get back to .500.

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This has got to end soon, right?

by iGanja 28. June 2006 03:22

Starting today, is now d'mo's daily Angels rant!  JHGDMFSOBC!  When will the Angels (even under new management,) stop wasting our time with these experiments, all of which seem to go as bad as milk three weeks past the expiration date? 

laa.gifDante Bichette
Bo Jackson (oh, how i wished he'd be a winner)
Eddie Murray
Jim Abbott (the second time around)
Cecil Fielder
Mo Vaughn
Ricky Henderson
Glenallen Hill
Kevin Appier
Jack McDowell
Raul Mondesi
Steve Finely
and a ton of guys I can't recall

And let's now add to that list, Jeff (I can't get an out in the third) Weaver.  I knew the second the Angels signed this guy, we were in for a spell of disappointement and
blowout losses!


I already have given up hope of pulling this season out of the toilet.  Perhaps some other team would lilke to take on this head case?



The season may very well be over...

by iGanja 27. June 2006 03:21

laa.gif...but last nite's win was fun to watch!  Which is ultimately why I am a baseball fan more than simply an Angels fan.



A two game winning streak?

by iGanja 24. May 2006 03:06

laa.gifSay it ain't so! The last time the Angels won back to back games and a series was over a month ago; April 22nd and 23rd at Oakland.  I don't want to give up on this season, seeing as, with this loss, the division leading Texas Rangers are now at .500, but the Angels have got to start winning some series to get back in this race.  Way to go Kendry Morales!  The Angels are 2-0 since he was brought up.  Let's keep it going boys!

oh, i ganja!



Greatest catch of all time?

by iGanja 19. May 2006 03:01

jim.jpgAt least the greatest I’ve ever seen…


Even though it happened in Kansas City, and I only got to see it on TV and then about a million times on replay, the catch Jim Edmonds made over the tip of his cap in straight away center field is easily the greatest baseball catch of all time.  Keep in mind; this shot was taken from the camera-well, even with third base.  Viewed from home plate, all you see is Jim's cleats and backside.  I've been searching for the video of this, butt to no avail.  If anyone ever finds it, please pass it along.


Baseball Weekly rates it as the 3rd most amazing play of all-time!


I just needed something to reminisce about after last nite’s horrible display by my Angels.


oh, I ganja



Thank god it’s finally over!

by iGanja 5. May 2006 02:53

The 6 game (longest since April 2002) losing streak has ended.  Although, I fear it is not, if this is the end of the pain for this year, I’d say we got out without suffering too much damage.  How did we do it, you ask?  With the help of three rooks, two making their major league debuts and one becoming the 92nd player in history to homer in his first major league at bat.  What a day!  Too bad it happened in Detroit!  Now, since the rooks picked up the vets today, maybe some of them will learn how to hit again.laa.gif


And now, a quick note on Tim Salmon.  Even though he has cooled off a bit, he has shown that he can still hit big boy pitching for power.  We weren’t expecting .300 and that’s fine.  He is still a dangerous hitter, and a huge asset to a team of increasingly young players that need a veteran of Tim’s experience and attitude around for the dog days.


Angels snap longest skid since '02, cool off Tigers


oh, I ganja!



Welcome Back Tim!

by iGanja 3. April 2006 02:34

TimSalmon.jpgAfter a year of thinking I would never see him play again, Tim Salmon had an uncharacteristic spring training.  Tagged with the label “notoriously slow starter” throughout his career, Tim needed a good, but more likely great, showing this year just to make the team.  What Tim did was bat .340 with 4 home runs and 10 RBI with a sizable number of at bats for a veteran, and in doing so, displaced young buck Dallas McPherson for the final roster spot.  Read All About It.  Now it’s up to Tim to stay healthy and produce the way we all know he can.


WAY TO GO TIM!  So glad you decided to finish out your career with the Angels.

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