Here here, and shut the fuck up already!

by iGanja 12. April 2006 02:35

McKinney's gender, race card flop

Cynthia.McKinney.jpgSometimes being black or being a woman has nothing to do with someone’s reaction to your arrogant, self entitled actions.  Actually, what playing the race card can do in some instances is prove just how much of a racist the one playing the card is.  Although, in my mind, this case is pretty darn clear, many cases of supposed racial injustice are handled with such kid gloves that no one ever supposes that the one crying foul is really the racist.


Take for example, our very own resident racist; the compulsive, self serving, (exactly what makes him a reverend,) media whore, piece of cow dung, Jesse (please don't point that dogmatic finger at me again) Jackson.  Does no one have the balls to stand up and call him what he is?  Is the fact that he happens to be black and one of the most outspoken abusers of the race card somehow shed all scrutiny by the learned public, our nation’s leaders and judicial system that he is in fact one of the most blatant racists of our time?


cynthia_mckinney.jpgI know nothing of Rep. Cynthia McKinney except this.  She needs to apologize to congress, to the Capitol Hill Police officer whom she has tried to try in the media to cover her own lack of good judgment and sense, and just do her job.  You know, the one her constituents elected her to do, and leave the race and gender cards to those who truly play them best.


My apologies to Gloria Allred.  Although you certainly deserve it, being the self appointed champion for all things gender and an even bigger media whore than JJ, I simply had no energy for you today, but I'm sure we can all draw the parallel.

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Shut The Fuck Up!

Welcome Back Tim!

by iGanja 3. April 2006 02:34

TimSalmon.jpgAfter a year of thinking I would never see him play again, Tim Salmon had an uncharacteristic spring training.  Tagged with the label “notoriously slow starter” throughout his career, Tim needed a good, but more likely great, showing this year just to make the team.  What Tim did was bat .340 with 4 home runs and 10 RBI with a sizable number of at bats for a veteran, and in doing so, displaced young buck Dallas McPherson for the final roster spot.  Read All About It.  Now it’s up to Tim to stay healthy and produce the way we all know he can.


WAY TO GO TIM!  So glad you decided to finish out your career with the Angels.

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And now a word on economics...

by iGanja 13. March 2006 02:30

In 2005, the US government paid approximately $352,000,000,000 (that’s $352 billion) in interest on our national debt.  Coincidentally, the yearly budget deficit under Gorge W has been right around 400 billion.  Actually a bit more, but we aren’t into shaving points here for the sake of argument.  Anything over a few hundred million and what does it really matter?  It’s all play money to dem politicians.  But wait, here’s a big news flash for you bickering stuffed shirts.  Actually, it’s OUR money!!!


When one really stops to think just how much $352 billion is, most of us, (including your’s truly) have no way to relate, and really have no way to put that amount of money into perspective.  I mean, I could have ranted today on the actual national debt, but that would have been even more an unfathomable concept at over 8 trillion dollars than the pittance that is only the interest payment.


So, how about we try and put a visual on this massive interest payment (and you thought a few hundred dollars a month on your credit card was a lot…)  At $352 billion, that is about $1 billion a day (again, why quibble over a few million.)  Still, since none of us has actually seen a billion dollars (see MediaWatchBlog,) I’m betting it’s still too large a number for the average citizen (again, myself included.) to comprehend.  So… even though we could further break this down by the hour ($42 million,) the minute ($695 thousand,) or even the second ($11,575) so we get to a figure that looks even remotely like something that might actually reside in our bank accounts, why don’t we just try to visualize what our daily payment of $1 billion is, seeing as our government and those reporting these grotesque numbers to us seem to think we can easily wrap our heads around a number such as a billion.


Let’s take a stack of $1 bills, shall we?  It takes approximately 150 of them to make an inch, and 1800 to make a foot.  So, if we were to stack today’s interest payment in $1 bills, we would have a stack 611,111 feet high.  Hmmmmm.  I still have no idea what that would look like.  611,111 feet is almost 116 miles!  Alright, well, I kinda know what 116 miles looks like; at least I think I do.  It is roughly the distance between the downtowns of San Diego and Los Angeles.  It is, interestingly enough, the minimum orbital distance of the Space Shuttle.  Alright, so after further thought, since I have never seen the space shuttle in flight, I’d say 116 miles of dollar bills is still something I can’t really imagine.


What I am really trying to point out here is how huge our national debt really is.  So huge in fact that the average citizen has no concept of how much money we are talking about.  Okay, so, we’re spending 1 billion dollars a day in interest.  Doesn’t sound so bad, I mean, it’s only 1 billion.  Better than 2, right?  Maybe because 1 is a number we can all identify with, the fact that it is only 1 makes it more palatable I guess.  Until you realize that our government spends more on interest on our national debt than nearly every single major line item in the federal budget!  Including: education, law enforcement, environmental protection, medical research, transportation, energy (or better yet, the development of alternative forms?  More on this later, I’m sure,) and homeland security.  In fact, put them all together, and you still don’t have what we pay in interest!


Just imagine if we had an additional $352 billion to budget.


Oh, I ganja!


Knock Knock

by iGanja 9. March 2006 19:29

Knock knock


“Who’s there?”




Orange who?”


Orange you glad Charles Cullen got another life sentence?


Just as I supposed, the state of Pennsylvania did indeed tack on some (life without possibility of parole) time to this guy’s already exaggerated sentence from New Jersey, for murdering another 7 people in their state.


And now, of course, the good and the bad of it: at least Pennsylvania has the rational sense to simply send the guy to prison “for the rest of your life,” which is really just a humane way of saying “I sentence you to death by natural causes, or by anal elongation, whichever comes first.”  But, didn’t I also say that simply pilling on this guy would do nothing to console the victims’ families?  After the hearing, Schramm's daughter, Kristina Toth, said the sentence provided no closure.”  What a surprise!


The families will get one more opportunity to see, and loathe and possibly cast disparaging remarks at, the “Killer Nurse” before he is crated off to New Jersey to spend the next 11 lifetimes (with time off for good behavior, of course,) after which he will finally be made to serve his sentence in the land of Penn.  Better make it a good one!  This kind of therapy only comes along once every 397 ½ years…


Oh, I ganja


What a surprise!

by iGanja 7. March 2006 02:27

The jails are (over) crowded!  No doubt by felonious pot smokers.  Don’t you feel safer knowing our government spends literally millions of your tax dollars each year hunting down prosecuting and incarcerating these dangerous criminals?  Three cheers for Steven Kubby!  I will vote for you again!


On a higher note, although I have no optimism judging from the current makeup of our Supreme Court, but they will indeed re-examine the federal ban on ganja as it applies to its medical use.


Pack your bags people, we’re all moving to Oregon!


Oregon too cold and wet for ya?  Nevada might soon be even nicer!




How about “you just ain’t gonna get out”?

by iGanja 2. March 2006 02:18

What is it with our fascination with long prison sentences?  I mean, anything over 60 years is essentially life.   What is up with a 397 ½ year sentence?  Does that mean the guy is even worse than say a guy that gets only 350 years?  Do the families of the multiple victims get to figure which of the nearly 20 score of years is in reparations for their loss?


N.J. Killer Gets 11 Life Sentences


It truly is a waste of so much of our time, dollars, resources and even piece of mind to go through these ridiculous motions of trying a guy for all 22 murders to which he fully admits.  And what of the murders, again to which he has admitted to, in other jurisdictions?  Will the additional 150 year sentence in those states be of such profound consolation to the families of those victims?  How we coddle our grieving citizenry, akin to so much of the new age PC rhetoric, so not to offend.


Let’s spend more money on this piece of shit!


The fact is the additional 330 plus years tacked on to this guy’s term will do nothing to console the families.  It simply makes for a nice headline, and helps to establish just how really really bad this guy is.  Yippee!  “You’ve just been handed the longest sentence in New Jersey state history.  What are you gonna do next?”


I say we sentence the fucker like so:  “You are a very bad man, and have committed the ultimate crime against humanity.  You will not be rehabilitated!  You shall live the rest of your god forsaken life imprisoned by those you have wronged.”  If it were me on the bench, I’d add “…and in your next life may you be endlessly fucked in the ass by a donkey!”


Oh, I ganja!


Step One…

by iGanja 28. February 2006 02:15

Give the moral minority, quasi vigilante fanatics more legitimacy by ruling that the federal government has no jurisdiction to protect those exercising their right to choose; a right expressly granted to them by the same.


February 27, 2006 - Supreme Court Decision


On the surface, this may appear as if the government is actually limiting itself, and checking itself as our forefathers envisioned.  Not intruding on the lives of its citizens with overbearing/overprotective statutes intended to control the masses; giving the states more autonomy and responsibility to maintain order and protect the public.


This appears to be a Libertarian’s wet dream!  So, what’s the issue then?  Well, I’m glad you asked.  This is a problem created by the feds!  By ruling in favor of Roe in 1973, the Supreme Court established a reciprocal need to protect those citizens exercising their right to choose and took on the constitutional responsibility to protect those that do.  With today’s decision, the Supreme Court has essentially said, “well, you have that right, but use it at your own risk.”


south dakota wedding.jpgSo what will the states do with this new responsibility?  Well in South Dakota, they may very well outlaw choice altogether, thereby eliminating the responsibility to protect those wishing to, and in fact, making it a crime to do so.  In fact they already have legislation in the works to do just that.  South Dakota Challenges Roe v. Wade


Step Two…


Pass a law that is clearly unconstitutional in an effort to bring it before the Supreme Court once again.  The Supreme Court does not make law, that much is certain, but in this case, all they have to do is wait around for someone who can to make one.  And now, with the balance of power in the Supreme Court clearly on the “conservative” side, is it any stretch to think that Roe v Wade may soon be overturned?


Step Three…


Regulate the production and sale of wire coat hangers!  Hey, maybe Joan Crawford had something there…


I don’t want to imagine what kinds of horrible stories are to come from the repealing of the constitutional right to choose.  If you think the pictures of bloody fetal material with captions stating that “this is a human being” are bad enough, wait till the gruesome picture needs no such caption except to remind us that perhaps one death really IS better than two!


Oh, I ganja


Free investment advice given here!

by iGanja 24. February 2006 02:13

All of you who decided to dump their shares of H&R Block after my endorsement of can all thank me.  After hitting a 15 month high only last June, H&R Block (HRB) stock hit a 52 week low today on news that the supposed tax preparation experts themselves goofed on their own taxes!  woops!


oh, I ganja!


I've Been Duped!

by iGanja 18. February 2006 02:09

For years I have been educating my friends about the evils of forwarding emails, just for the sake of “passing it on.” Chain letters, if you will.  The purpose of which is to simply get you to send it to all your friends and relatives and further clog up the internet with pointless email.


I have been almost brutal at times.  Chastising them for repeated offenses; sending me forwards of jokes with headers long enough to choke a donkey.  All the cc’s from past forwards clearly visible in the text of the 15th generation of this, if I’m very lucky, mildly funny joke.


Imagine my mortification when, after forwarding a call to anyone in the market for a puppy, to find that the whole story of the puppy’s ultimate demise if nobody wanted them was a complete hoax, not to mention, been around the internet since 2002!  Read About It


eye-worm.jpgAs punishment I ate a worm, but curiously it found its way to my eye socket, and had to be surgically removed.


Anyway, this is my confession, and to all my friends who have felt my wrath over sending me a email forward, I say, I’m not sorry!  You still deserved it.  Just because even the best of intentions still occasionally ends in forwarding a hoax, doesn’t mean you are all off the hook.  It means we must be even more diligent in our efforts to stop the proliferation of crap email from choking our internet!  We can end this senseless cycle of stupidity!



Bottom line, if in the email itself it says to forward to all your friends…. DON’T!  It is a scam, and that is its sole purpose; to get you to send it along.  Always check Urban Legends or Snopes before even thinking of forwarding anything.


I am ashamed…


Had the vice president had better aim…

by iGanja 15. February 2006 15:33

cheney2.jpgSilly me, I thought birds flew in the air.  If Cheney had even slightly better aim, and we’re talking very slight, he’d have shot the guy square in the neck and head and may have killed the poor lawyer immediately!  Although, I’d say one less lawyer in the world wouldn’t be so bad.  Did you hear the one about the busload of lawyers driving off a cliff?  Yeah, that one always gets me…  Anyway, so now that Cheney has been persuaded to finally come clean to the public from pressure by the media (see they can be good for something once in a great while,) will he answer any questions regarding his possible indictment, if this guy does end up dieing due to complications from being shot?  Does it matter how many times Cheney apologizes and/or wishes the old guy well and a “speedy recovery” if he ends up dieing?  I wonder, will we find out that he was actually in very poor health in the first place?   Or maybe that he was suffering form some terminal illness already?  At what point do we say that the cause of death was not being shot with up to 200 pellets of lead?  At the very least, Cheney has measurably shortened this guy’s life!  Michele says that “hunting accidents” are not criminally prosecutable.  They are in fact “accidents.”   I disagree.  If the “accident” was caused by absolute stupidity and negligence, then it should be, nay must be, criminal.  I can’t help but think that if it were any average Joe or Jane blow citizen, they’d be locked up awaiting trial right now.  This kind of double standard makes me sick.


Read About It


Is it any wonder why Cheney is “famously reluctant to speak to the media”?  It is, in fact, that there simply aren’t enough spin doctors in Washington to keep ahead of him and all the other complete morons now infesting our federal government.  Hell, the good ones are all kept busy trying to make Donald Rumsfeld sound intelligent, which is a full fucking time job for a teeming hive of public relations carpet baggers.  So, poor Dick Cheney must wait almost five days before Washington can organize a “pre-recorded” (which is just a euphemism for edited beyond recognition,) press conference, that is cleverly advertised as an interview, to “explain” to the American people just why, even though he is a republican (which automatically entitles him to NRA support,) he can’t handle a gun without shooting one of his good buddies.  Or why he doesn’t know the difference between foul (as in lawyer) and fowl.

There has to be a joke in here somewhere in reference to our last dumbshit vice president Dan Quayle and Dick Cheney’s quail accident, but it alludes me at this time…  20$ to anyone who can put these two together to make a laughable joke.

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